Get any site's favicon with Icon Horse

Confidently use Icon Horse and get bulletproof favicons with fallbacks if no icon exists.

Examples: , or

How it works

Icon Horse scours any website for the perfect favicon to use. Not just any icon, but the best quality available – all from one convenient URL you can use in an img tag!

Works for any website
Sensible fallback if no icon is available
Cached to be fast
Quick & easy to use – it's just a URL

Test Icon Horse for yourself

Get the icon for any site

Type in the domain name for any website (for example ), and Icon Horse will fetch the best available favicon for you.


Icon for: discord.com

Served from:


So how would I use this?

There's lots of things you'd want to use Icon Horse for – here's a few common use cases to get you started. See our FAQ for more information!

Gorgeous styled links

Gorgeous styled links

Give your users a visual queue of where a link will take them by showing an icon next to it.



Take your dashboard displays to the next level by showing icons for each website the user sees.


Default avatars

Display icons for users based on the @domain.com of their email address.

It's icons.

Simple, fault tolerant, no bs.

Privacy matters

There are no cookies & no tracking involved. We just want to serve you icons, we don't want your data or that of your users.

No broken images

With our fallback icon system, you will never end up with a broken image. Even if the website doesn't exist or if it cannot be reached.

By developers, for developers

We're developers too. We know you want to make an app, not work on serving proper icons. Our system is intentionally the simplest to use it possibly can be.


The free plan should be fine for most, but our paid tier offers some awesome features.



Up to 1,000 icons/month

Generic fallbacks for sites with no icons

No account needed

Check out the docs





Up to 10,000 icons/month

Customize fallbacks when no icon

Private mode – no logs, no data collected

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Also helps support continued development on Icon Horse.




Up to 100,000 icons/month

Customize fallbacks when no icon

Private mode – no logs, no data collected

Priority support

Early access to new features

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Also helps support continued development on Icon Horse.



Unlimited usage

Everything in Pro plan,



Custom integrations

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